holds a professional degree from
the Michigan Psychiatric Counseling Association


My goal for the site is really very simple. I want to make our counseling services more accessible to everyone, especially those who are most in need of it. Perhaps, you are secluded in your homes, and your only contact outside is through the wireless web. In the back of your mind, you know there is something wrong. I hope our site will help you to act NOW, to DO SOMETHING NOW. What we do is to provide extremely high quality training for people to improve the way they communicate, to provide new ways of thinking and being, to accelerate self-transformation and to dissolve away limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors in order to motivate yourself to realize your dreams. Our website is packed with information yet very simple to explore. Enjoy your stay as you learn more about what we do and what we offer.

FHello, I’m Doctor Kazem Abal

Proudly recognized as a professional member of the Michigan Counseling Association

Many of us are facing pressures, difficulties and challenges to which effective counseling can offer an elegant solution, by reconnecting you with the power, intelligence, closeness and love, which are your birthright. Each one of you is unique. You are the real expert yourself. Our work together will reflect your individuality, your unique life experience, and the self-knowledge which you already possess.F

About us

Al-Razi counseling center:

The Center is run by Dr. Kazem Abal and staffed by a number of capable psychologists, therapists and counselors. We have a peaceful atmosphere and our counseling rooms are equipped with the best therapeutic facilities. Clients are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We do not share client data with any one, for any purpose, ever. Call our contact numbers anytime to schedule an appointment or to make an inquiry: 5737773, 5759966, and 5711411. Our fax number is 5759966. Remember, one call is all it takes to change the way you look at the world, and the way the world looks at you..

General Questions

How can counseling help me with my problems?

A: First, counseling can offer you information about yourself, new insights into your personality. The counseling process itself can give much-needed support to your actions and decisions. You will gain answers and understanding as to what is happening to you and why. This will lead to change on how you view your environment and the people around you.

Most important, it is very healing to be able to tell someone about your deepest thoughts, anxieties and problems. This is like taking a weight off your shoulders so that you feel lighter and free.

Can I choose the counselor I want to be with?

Of course. Whoever you are comfortable with can become your counselor for the duration of your sessions.

Can I stop my counseling sessions if I feel I don't need it anymore ?

Yes, you can. If you feel much improved, you can use the skills you've learned in the Center to deal with the pressures of everyday life.

What happens in a counseling session?

A: The counselors at Al-Razi combine different techniques in the course of the therapy session. The client will go through relaxation, hypnosis, assertiveness training, body work, breathing exercises, etcetera, or the counselor will just listen to your problems and give advice. We will never make you do something you are not comfortable with.

Can I choose my therapy schedule so it won't disrupt other commitments I have made?

Of course. Most of our clients are students or office workers so they can choose their session schedules that are most convenient to them. The Center is open from Saturdays to Thursdays, from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. A two-hour noon break is implemented and the Center resumes operation from 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

I value my reputation and I don't want anyone else to know I'm taking counseling sessions. Is there a way to ensure complete privacy of my identity

You can make arrangements with Dr. Abal to receive counseling through telephone. Payments can be made through an intermediary person. You can take a codename and be the one to contact us so nobody will know your telephone number or your identity. Fees should be received by our Cashier before counseling sessions can commence

My goal for the site is really very simple

Our website is packed with information yet very simple to explore. Enjoy your stay as you learn more about what we do and what we offerا .