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the Michigan Psychiatric Counseling Association



We aim to render the best treatment for the following conditions:


  • Is your child developing normally? Does he take all your time?
  • Is he always crying, naughty or too difficult to manage?

Parents, it is all right to be overly concerned about your children's development. After all, they are extensions of yourselves, your own flesh and blood. You desire only the best for them. If you observe odd behavior in your son or daughter and are worried about his over-all progress, do not hesitate to come to us. We will give your child a scanning test or an IQ Test upon your initial consultation to verify the problem and afterwards, we will recommend appropriate therapy for his improvement.

Childhood disorders should be handled with the greatest care and treated as early as possible. This is to ensure that the child corrects the abnormal behavior in time and catch up on the physical and emotional growth and maturity with his peers. Check out the list below to see if your child displays any of these characteristics found in common childhood conditions:


  • Your child doesn't talk
  • Doesn't mingle or play with other children
  • Repeats odd behavioral patterns
  • Lacks imaginative play


  • Your child can't keep still
  • Can't adapt to changes
  • Always crying and is easily frustrated
  • Doesn't finish simple tasks
  • Acts impulsively
  • More excitable than other kids

Learning Difficulties:

  • Your child has low grades in school
  • He repeats a grade in school
  • Easily distracted
  • Takes a lot of explaining before he gets your message

Low self-esteem:

  • Your child cries a lot even when not provided as difficulty
  • Talking to new acquaintance
  • Sits in a corner and doesn't draw attention to himself
  • Feels other children are better or luckier than him


  • Your child has an unusual fear of things which are non-threatening by nature
  • He cries frequently for no apparent reason
  • Disturbances of sleep and appetite